Aurora's Decorations

Jacaranda Wood

Jacaranda wood is a brand-new purple-ish wood type to bring more wood variety and complement the very cute Lavender Plains. It comes with the all different available variants of wooden blocks, including the new ones this mod brings.

Jacaranda Wood

Jacaranda Logs

Jacaranda wood comes with 4 log variations.

They all can be used in the same way as the usual Vanilla log blocks. Only the Jacaranda Log generates naturally as part of the tree.

Jacaranda Leaves

Jacaranda trees comes with quite the variety of leaves!
When a Jacaranda tree generates it has a chance to generate either of the following variants:

  • a normal Jacaranda tree with its leaves and the budding leaves;
  • a flowering Jacaranda tree with budding leaves and flowering leaves!

Jacaranda Planks

Jacaranda Planks can be crafted with any of the Jacaranda Logs, like regular planks. They also can be used to craft any of the other wood variations of this wood type.