Aurora's Decorations

Azalea Wood

Azalea wood is a brand-new dark pink-ish wood type to complement the Vanilla azalea trees and make them more unique! It comes with the all different available variants of wooden blocks, including the new ones this mod brings.

Azalea Wood

Azalea Logs

Azalea wood comes with 6 log variations, two of which are not very conventional as they are flowering variants.

They all can be used in the same way as Vanilla, but flowering azalea log and wood can be sheared to make them regular azalea log or wood. Azalea Log and Flowering Azalea Log generate instead of Oak Log in azalea trees.


Flowering Azalea Log and Flowering Azalea Wood can also be crafted from regular Azalea Log or Azalea Wood:

Flowering Azalea Log

Crafting Table
Azalea LogFlowering Azalea Leaves

Flowering Azalea Wood

Crafting Table
Azalea WoodFlowering Azalea Leaves

Azalea Planks

Azalea Planks can be crafted with any of the Azalea Logs, like regular planks. They also can be used to craft any of the other wood variations of this wood type.