Aurora's Decorations


Shelves are decorative storage blocks composed of two rows, each row can be placed separately. They come in all different wood types available in your game.



Crafting Table
Wooden SlabWooden Slab

May also be crafted with wooden planks in a sawmill.



Shelves must be placed on walls. Each row is placed separately like slabs.

Shelves can be placed in water.


Each row can store 4 different stacks of items.

Right-clicking an item onto the shelf will place one of it into the shelf at the targeted slot. Right-clicking with an item onto the same kind of item on the shelf will attempt to store the remaining amount in hand into the shelf.
Right-clicking with an empty hand on the shelf will open the shelf's GUI.
Left-clicking, in survival, with an empty hand on an item placed on the shelf will remove it from the shelf.

Technical Notes

The items in a shelf can have custom models using render rules.

Related information from the page Render Rules.

Render Rules

Aurora's Decorations render rules allow to use custom item models in some situations like if the item is rendered on a shelf, etc.


Render rules are JSON files placed in the assets/<namespace>/aurorasdeco/render_rules directory of a resource pack.

The JSON has the following structure:

  • match
    • item or tag: the identifier of the item/tag to replace.
      or items: an array of identifiers of the items to replace.
  • models: an array of model identifiers or the structure
    • model: the model identifier
    • restrict_to?
      • block or tag: the identifier of the block/tag to restrict this model to. May be used to restrict a model to shelves only for example.


  "match": {
    "items": [
  "models": [
      "model": "aurorasdeco:special/book/book2",
      "restrict_to": {
        "tag": "aurorasdeco:shelves"
      "model": "aurorasdeco:special/book/book2_red",
      "restrict_to": {
        "tag": "aurorasdeco:shelves"