Aurora's Decorations


The sawmill is a very practical crafting station centered around wood blocks. It works the same as a regular stonecutter, except it uses wood.



Crafting Table
Iron Ingot
Wooden PlankWooden PlankWooden Plank

Sawmill Available Recipes

From a log you can craft:

  • Log Stump
  • Planks (4)
  • Small Log Pile (2)
  • Wood

From a plank you can craft:

  • Bench
  • Boat
  • Ladder (4)
  • Seat Rest
  • Shelves
  • Sign Post
  • Stick (2)
  • Wooden Button
  • Wooden Door
  • Wooden Fence (2)
  • Wooden Fence Gate
  • Wooden Pressure Plate
  • Wooden Slab (2)
  • Wooden Stairs
  • Wooden Trapdoor


  • "Wooden" here means any of the available wood types in your game, it does not represent a single block in particular.