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An actual better grass and snow mod for Quilt.

📖 What's this mod?

Have you ever used the MCPatcher/OptiFine better grass feature? I did, and I didn't like it at all. The main issue is that it's too rough even at Fancy settings. That's why I made my own mod to fix this issue and provide an alternative to one of the OptiFine features on the Fabric ecosystem! Grass blocks will now connect, and the nearby grass blocks will be smoothed.

pack.png with better grass

Mountain with better grass on grass and snowy grass

Warped forest with better grass

Better snow

Better snow with the optional included resource pack: Optional better snow

Better "snow" with the optional included resource pack in lush caves (credits to cavebiomes by SuperCoder79):

Optional better moss

Better "snow" system used for sculk vein, here with the optional included resource pack for custom fences:

Optional better sculk vein

Configuration screen: Config screen

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✅ Features:

📖 Usage

Using this mod is very simple!

Install it in your mods folder along with Quilted Fabric API and ModMenu.

You will notice that some blocks like grass blocks will connect together, if you want to try other options or want to have the same look as OptiFine you can look into the settings screen of the mod via ModMenu.

For resource packs creators and developers

Please check out this documentation.

📖 Compatibility


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