This page is definitely not finished, so this might be a bit rough for now.
tl;dr those are projects that I either created or participated in.
If you want to see a rather complete list of the open-source projects I worked on you can visit my GitHub profile.

Quick Tools

This is a quick list of tools I worked on that can be used directly in the browser.

Minecraft Mods

A decorations-focused Minecraft mod, and tries to have a twist for its different features.
A Minecraft mod about player interactions, made for Modfest: Singularity.
A Minecraft mod to block NameMC indexing on servers.
A Minecraft mod which adds more detailed tooltips.
A Minecraft mod which adds better grass and snow to the game.
A Minecraft mod which adds dynamic lighting.
A Minecraft mod which adds some very cute snails.
A Minecraft library mod which adds a new abstraction to create GUI interfaces. Still close to the Vanilla design code-wise.

I am also part of the development team of QuiltMC.