Aurora's Decorations

Aurora's Decorations

Welcome to the Aurora's Decorations website!

Aurora's Decorations is a decorations-focused Minecraft mod and tries to have a twist for its unique features.

⚠️ This website is still under construction, not every feature is listed yet! ⚠️

You will find information about this mod's features here.


Modrinth CurseForge GitHub


This list is outdated but contains elements that have not yet been documented as wiki pages.

  • Amethyst Lantern
  • Armor stand
    • Right-click with sticks to add arms.
    • Shift-Right-click with shears to hide the base plate.
  • Benches
    • Come in all wood types!
    • You can sit on them!
    • Customize them with a seat rest.
  • Big Flower Pot Block
    • Can hold a plant, can dynamically support some modded plants (or new plants in Minecraft if the mod hasn't been updated).
    • Can hold tall plants.
  • Blackboards
  • Braziers
  • Burnt-vine
    • Use a flint of steel on a vine block to burn the tip of a vine.
    • Burnt-vine is not able to grow.
  • Candles
    • Can now be put on walls.
    • Can now be put on ceilings as chandeliers.
  • Copper Hopper
    • Can filter items and simplifies redstone contraptions.
    • The filtering is not entirely strict (some parameters may not be accounted like durability).
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Item Frames can be made invisible when using shears on them while they hold an item. After the item is removed, the item frame will be visible again.
  • Lanterns
    • Can now be placed on top of leaves.
    • Wall Lantern
      • Lanterns can now be placed on walls!
      • Can be waterlogged.
      • Swings!
      • Has special entity collision handling for swinging.
      • Supports modded lanterns.
  • Nether brick fence gate
  • Pet beds
    • Cozy little beds for your little friends!
    • Comes in all dye colors.
  • Placeable books and enchanted books
    You can now place piles of books in your world!
  • Placeable Pumpkin Pie
    Ever wished to share a pumpkin pie with your friends? Or just place it on a table to eat it later? Now you can!
  • Plants
  • Polished Basalt Wall
  • Sawmill
  • Shelves
  • Sign Posts
  • Sleeping bags
    • Cozy to sleep while on your outside adventures.
    • Players and villagers can sleep in them.
    • Craft with 3 wools.
    • Do not set spawn point.
  • Small Log Piles
    • Looks similar to campfire logs, but the ash part is replaced with more logs.
    • Come in all wood types.
    • Can be stacked.
  • Stumps
    • Cozy seat.
    • Made using logs in a sawmill.
  • Sturdy Stone
    • Cannot be moved by pistons or slime/honey blocks.
    • Can transmit state change in an observer chain. Perfect as a dispenser or dropper replacement in some contraptions!
  • Tie leads to fences
    Leads can now be tied directly between two fences, rather than only fence-mob.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use this in a modpack?

Yes, feel free.

Why is this mod only working on Quilt?

First, this mod is a comfort mod, this means I will only use a toolchain that I feel comfortable with.

Second, this mod literally cannot work on Fabric, even if I wanted to.

Wait, what do you mean it cannot work?

You heard me right; it cannot work on Fabric after the 1.18.2 changes. Fabric did not fix some stuff to account earlier registration. It ended up breaking this mod, and I had to patch up a lot of Fabric manually to make it work, but Quilt fixed those issues.

Third, Quilt provides nicer APIs for what this mod is trying to achieve.

And finally, I have personal issues with Fabric.

Why is this mod not available on Forge?

Simple, I usually do not do multi-loader mods. And this mod is a comfort mod, making this even more unlikely.

Oh and, this mod also literally cannot be ported 1:1 to Forge due to its restrictions.

Can I port this mod to another mod loader?

While the license isn't against it, I will voice hostility towards ports.

I spent so much time on this mod, I would really hate seeing my name or assets used on a half-baked port. If you don't like me calling ports of this "half-baked", it's mostly because to even port this correctly to some loader it would require directly patching those loaders, which I doubt most porters will take time to do.

The only case I would be favorable into ports is if Quilt ends up dying, and I am unreachable.

Can I port this mod to other Minecraft versions?

If it's porting to newer Minecraft versions, I guess feel free? However, I'll ask you to write a pull-request back. It would help reduce my own porting work and having a second pair of eyes is always better to catch mistakes.

If it's porting to earlier Minecraft versions, eeeehhhhh? If it's targeting anything pre-1.13, I would be scared for you. If it's targeting anything between 1.14 and 1.18, I guess you can try? There are even earlier versions of this mod on GitHub targeting 1.18 and 1.17. Although, for those I would kindly ask you to not claim it's official.


A variety of pictures of some features of this mod:

Amethyst Lantern

Big flower pot and Wall Lanterns





Copper Hopper

Copper Sulfate

Nether Brick Fence Gate

Pet Beds

Placeable Pumpkin Pie

Placeable books

Sawmill & Stumps


Polished Basalt Wall

Sign Posts

Sleeping bags

Small Log Types

Sturdy Stone

Tie leads to fences

Wall Candles


Burning Vine Tips